Welcome to the safe and pleasurable world of eliquid smoking

This is about the best news that any long-suffering smoker has received for a while. Hands up any smokers out there who hasn’t tried to give up smoking at least once in their lives before. Even more hands go up. This is the crowd that says that they’ve simply given up trying. It’s just no use. They’ve tried all other crazy methods, sucking on sweets and being hypnotized being just two crazy examples, and none of these have worked.

While reality bites, the next best thing to trying so hard to give up smoking is to ditch the expensive tobacco packs at least and switch to eliquid smoking solutions instead. Part of the safety included in this new method is that there is far less nicotine included in these solutions than the conventional tobacco rolls. While the logical convention may suggest that less harm will ensue, the reality remains that nicotine is still a highly addictive substance.


But health conscious smokers can still go one better in spite of not being able to give up smoking. Now they can also smoke nicotine free e-cigarettes. It’s like drinking sugar free or caffeine free sodas, only the sodas are still bad for you. Even fruit juice from the supermarket, it has now been found, is bad for you, worse even than your favorite soda. How much worse harm, therefore, can you do by giving e-smoking a try?

It at least lessons the chance of you contracting a lung disease or two. Also, your bountiful and fruity flavors don’t contain any grams of sugar. So, anti-smokers do put that in your figurative pipe and smoke it. And then there are the nicotine free alternatives. Also, no sugar.